Using SketchUp to Create a 1:72 Scale Model of an Iowa Class 16" Battleship Turret

Thanks for the input. I think you’re right about the nested groups. I’ll need to “purify” the geometry before doing the trim or intersect. You either clean up this stuff before you intersect or you’re surely going to have to do it afterward.

Don’t forget that the native solid tools will convert components into groups, while Booltools2 and Eneroth’s Solid tools keeps them as components!

I will keep all of that in mind.

For the trip this coming week to the ship, I’m bringing a sketch pad and tape measure. Then I realized that I have a digital LIDAR Scanner on my iPhone 12 Pro. It’s one of the reasons I bought the phone in the first place. I tried using it on model-sized objects, but the resolution was way too large. This morning it dawned on me that i could use to take direct 3D images of the 1:1 appliances on board ship that I needed to model. Case in point, the complex projectile hoist. I will have full 360° accessibility to it and could maybe get a reasonable scan. It’s definitely worth trying, and, if it works, could produce marvelous results. I’m going to put this feature to work on another project: a 1:48 scale model of the historic hardware store in our home town back in PA. I wanted to model some of the interior, and I realized, I could just do LIDAR scans of it and bring them directly into SketchUp.

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Enjoy your trip and hope the scanner works out. Have no experience with those things.

I too have an iPhone 12 plus with LiDAR Scanner. What software will you use with it to make your scans and bring them into SU?