Using Sketchup online app to back save a skp model - option no longer available?

Hi, I had a quick search for this but couldn’t see it. Apologies if it has already been asked and answered.

I have my own 2023 annual subscription, but in some cases I work on another company machine with an older classic license. On occasion I would have a newer version sent through and I would log on to my subscription and use sketch web to down/back save a model in order to open it on my older classic license.

I have just attempted this today and the option appears to have been removed. Just checking I’m not doing it right and it actually has been ? If so then it’s a shame and a bit tight ! I pay for my subscription, so shouldn’t I be entitled to have the option to back save?

If someone could clarify or tell me I’m just doing something wrong on this attempt… I resorted to saving it to a dwg which I will hopefully be able to import into my older classic license - otherwise I’m knackared until I go back to my machine this evening.

Many thanks,

I see the same thing. I expect it has to do with the “Current Minus Two” policy which has been in place for years. You could perhaps use Eneroth Open Newer Version to open your models in the older version of SketchUp.