Using SketchUp on a work server

I will download SketcUp onto a work server and use my own licence. Can anybody else by a licence and then access my models. If so can I secure my models so others cannot use?

You cannot password protect files inside of SketchUp itself - so if others can see the files on the server, then yes, they can use them.

The solution is probably not to store your files in a place where others can access them.

Instead of sharing the files and then locking them down, you could not share the files.

You should ask your server administrator whether they can adjust the access rights for your directory (or a specific subdirectory of it) so that only you will have write and read access.

Thank you Adam

Thank you Aerilius

In all companies I have worked in one of the shares in the network has been configured as user folders so that everyone has a personal “drive” to put their stuff into, and storing any work files on your workstation has been forbidden.

Thank you Anssi