Using SketchUp 2024 how would they integrate this with my project?

I would’ve put these fittings into existing project and sometimes it will let me take the top layer off to expose the fitting underneath and sometimes it does not how to do this correctly would like them to look like the bottom picture

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no need to create a second thread.

trace the shape of the bit on your board, and push it.

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How would I trace?

with the pen / rectangle / circle tools. open the group of the board, trace the shape you want gone, and push it. then place the element.

there are other methods available, using extensions for example, but after reading the confusion there is around the sketchup you use, I chose to show you a method that works on free, ipad and pro.

in my case, I copied the top part of the bit and paste it in my board group. I could have re-drawn it in situ too.

Very much appreciated thank you

I’m pretty sure I’m using the SketchUp 2024 Pro Desktop version which comes with the seven day trial. What extensions would be available to do this?

I said the same thing in the other thread and you just ignored me.

This is the wrong way as it goes right through the material and the fitting isn’t designed to do so it should rest in between it here is the file for the fittings would like to see someone else please them right. The material is three-quarter inch plywood two pieces.
Abdeckkappe versenkt 3D 10Fräser 15Bohrer.dxf (331.3 KB)