Using Pencil Tool to Fill in Objects in SketchUp

I need some advice on how I should fix an issue I am having in Sketchup. I am trying to add a pergola to my map in Sketchup. I first drew out the sides of the pergola in AutoCAD so I could later put the sides together in SketchUp. I thought it would be easiest this way. I have all the individual sides of my pergola at the bottom of my map, but the issue I am having is I have been filling in each shape with the pencil tool to make the pergola components solid since they are starting out empty/transparent in the program. I am finding that this technique is extremely time consuming because I am having to trace each individual shape separately in order to use the push/pull tool on each individual part of the pergola. I was wondering if there are any other techniques to get this done faster? I am working on this for a school project. I am somewhat new to SketchUp and still have a lot to learn. The pergola is caged so it has a lot of openings as well. My sketchup file is attached here below. Thank you!

IslmicGarden.skp (192.5 KB)

You can usually draw a rectangle that encompasses all of the geometry and use Intersect Faces but… See my latest reply in your other thread. There’s a whole lot of bad geometry in your imported CAD linework. You’ll spend more time trying to repair that to make it correct and usable in SketchUp than if you just use the linework as a reference as you model the objects from scratch.