Using measurement tool on curved surfaces

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I2 project file.skp (1.1 MB)

I couldn’t separate a diagram in two faces. The separate faces are for painting with two different colors as in the example

Offset on Surface from Fredo6’s Tools on Surface could do what you want. It’s available from Sketchucation.

Thanks I will check out the tools on surface. I know Fredo 6 has a lot of different tools.

Thanks again for showing another example. Its clear now

One of the items used for separating the surfaces to place more than one color was from the ‘tools on surface’ and ‘offset on surface’. But still couldn’t separate the item. The tool bar including the ‘offset on surface’, was used. When pulling the top line on the curved surface in a vertical direction, there were only the dashed lines and no solid lines to separate the surface. Uploaded the curved surface and print out of the menu bar, using the icon 4th from the right.

project1.skp (1.5 MB)

I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve, but a simple curve only need the move tool to make a second edge.
Offset is for whole faces.
Offset or move

project1.skp (1.4 MB)

When you use the tool there are options at the top, one of those is create guides.
Don’t use that one.

The uploaded video from a Gentleman provided an example of how the menu item is performed. This is one of the models I’m working on to be able to separate the curved surface into two or more faces. Its on this same page. Its clear and well presented. But I still can’t seem to function properly. From the last file uploaded, as seen there are only dotted lines.

See my post above your last.

Yes, thanks a lot !! Sorry, but everything was clear and got the info. But in only one part of the video, I missed which tool menu item was retrieved (after the top line was highlighted in blue). And then I didn’t see which tool was used to drag the top blue line down to part out the faces. I just need to know. However, the 4th menu tool from the right, ‘offset on surface’ I know is not the one I need. Please clarify which tool was used to drag the blue top line downward, Thanks

Yes, I see now. It was the “Move” tool, correct ?

The top line drag down is a move copy, so it is nothing more than the move tool with ctrl.

The offset tool making dotted lines is because it is set to make guides, change the option at the top.

Yes, its clear now. Thanks!!