Using 'Match New Photo'

I am trying to use ‘Match New Photo’ option in Sketchup Make. I am using the line tool to create the faces. Although some faces are created, some faces are not created properly. The lines are there forming rectangles but that is not working as a face to push/pull.
Can anyone help, please?

They may not be on the same plane. Rotate around and see if your rectangle is ‘flat’. Because of the photo match, your camera angle might be changed and things may look a little off from what you’re use to.

To use the photomatch properly, start at the origin and don’t draw lines free in space without a connection (inference) to the geometry created earlier.

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Thank you for the suggestion.
But can you please suggest me if the rectangles are not in the same plane, what can I do in that case? Won’t the ‘Match New Photo’ work then?

You can upload an image or the model here so that we can see what you are asking about…