Using eraser unexpected result

I erased unwanted lines shown in Box (2).skp
result shown in Box (3).skp

No files attached.!AgwuFP6ysOSbgs5z_CqWCggMEkWU9A?e=vNIwa5

Those files are small enough you could upload them directly.

It looks like you erased the edges shown selected, below. They are required to support the faces since you have a bit of a dogleg in the top and bottom edges. I added a guideline so you can see that the short edge at the top of the wall isn’t in the same line as the edges on either side.

You could hide those edges if you need to leave the dogleg. Hold Shift while clicking on them with the Eraser tool.

If there isn’t really supposed to be a dogleg, you could move one of the larger faces so it is in the same plane as the other one. Then with all three faces in the same plane you can erase the vertical edges.

I didn’t realize it is possible to upload directly, in reply i couldn’t see a paperclip to upload files ?
Thanks for explaining the problem and showing a video, it’s mind blowing how fast to can get answers to my problems, absolutely brilliant.

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There is no paperclip. Instead the Upload button is the one with the upward-pointing arrow.
Screenshot - 8_19_2020 , 2_17_55 PM

You could also just drag and drop the .skp file into your post.

Oh i see, thanks again

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Box (4).skp (268.2 KB)

Could you please take a look and help with this ?

I will when I get home. I’m at the dentist now.

No hurry, good luck with the dentist

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In the dentist chair is about the only time/place that DaveR does not answer questions here on the forum. In the mean time I took a look at your model and there is still some triangulation in a few walls. Most likely from moving things around. This is more of the same problem Dave was describing, these edges are part of the triangulated faces of your walls, erase the edge and the face will be erased too. I did a quick job of repairing the plane that caps the walls by grabbing a node with the move tool and pulling it upward (up arrow to lock blue axis) to match the other wall.

Then I copy moved that plane and formed the walls again with it. I added floor as a separate component. Although I am not sure exactly how you are planning to use this model, making components is a good habit to get into as it separates geometry and prevents it from getting broken like your previous walls had been.

Box (4) (1).skp (281.0 KB)

5 d

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Is it better to make components or group as you go along to avoid this happening ?

I always create a group or component as soon as possible, then open it for edit to continue adding details.


Looks like EF has you sorted. Temporary crown took longer than I expected.

Make components or groups of discrete objects as you go. In the case of your walls, though, it probably makes more sense to keep the walls as a single group. Don’t divide them up into separate groups.

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They are annoying aren’t they, they tend to move about and mess with your hair. Don’t worry, when you get the permanent one it will settle in nicely, the orb and scepter can mess with your mouse though.