Using "/" and "*" operators when drawing guides (& lines)

{* Note - ‘drawing’ not ‘moving’}

When drawing a guideline or single line*, it would be handy to simply type in “/5” to sub-divide it into 5 segments or array an off-set guideline. (And use “*5” when using an off-set guideline)

It would also be nice to be able to use “*5” on the protractor tool to insert a radial array of 5 guides.

Another feature I would like to see is an option on the r-click menu on guidelines to select all guidelines (within current wrapper) this would allow group moving, copying and erasing.

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Agreed. Guidelines do not give the right-click Divide modifier, but Edges do. It can be done with edges currently, but it takes a right click (on the end of the edge just drawn) and then entry of the number of segments (followed by ENTER.) It nice at least that the edge drawing then continues from that last edge vertex.

Definitely would be quicker to just type “/” and number of segments.

Yup, agree with that.

Again agree. It is strange that this wasn’t implemented sooner. It would really just be jumping over into the Rotate+Copy function code. Not much extra work.

I will agree with an exception. It should be a dynamic “Select All <type clicked>” command.