Using AAD / G-Suite synced accounts for Warehouse login?

Hi All,
We’ve recently bought Sketchup Pro 2020 for 2 classrooms but to be able to use the Warehouse, our students need to log in with a Google account.
We’re using AD/AAD which then synchronizes all user accounts to G-Suite so they can all log in with their address to Google services aswell (in our case - Chromebooks).

Would it somehow be possible to use that functionality to log into the Warehouse with their school’s e-mail address?

*The school explicitly asked for the Sketchup Pro version instead of the Web-based one for schools.

@m.jablonski I’m afraid that in the case of SketchUp Pro, it is required that users create a Trimble ID account in order to log into the the 3D Warehouse. For students where this isn’t possible we do also offer our free K-12 product SketchUp for Schools which allows users to search models without a Trimble account. SketchUp for Schools allows login with both G Suite and Microsoft and so would be available to your students, but it is a web product.

Is there a specific reason that your school requested SketchUp Pro? Are there certain features or workflows that they are looking for?

Hi Tori,
Would it be possible to script the process of creating Trimble ID accounts based on student’s e-mail addresses or are we then getting back into the Sketchup for Schools territory?
I know it’s been a long discussion on Sketchup for Schools vs Sketchup Pro at our school and I’d have to ask what the teachers are missing in the free Web-based version.

@m.jablonski Unfortunately we cannot link TID accounts in the way that you’re describing. These workflows are a big part of why we recommend SketchUp for Schools in K-12 use cases, as it allows for login with Google accounts, does not require desktop installation, and still provides significant modelling capabilities.

If there are specific functionalities that your teachers are looking for we would be happy to hear from you and discuss options that might be available.