Using a Sketchup file for official documentation

I just recently rendered a deck design for a friend and he is asking whether I can use a dimensioned version to produce plan views for a technical document? Can it be used in a standard drawing template? I used Sketchup make 2017 for the render. showbox

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Pro.
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What kind of technical document?

What are you defining as a “standard drawing template”?

From SketchUp Make you can export images that you could insert into a Word document or something. Generally that sort of thing isn’t going to be very professional and may not meet the requirements of a permitting agency or others who might require documentation for construction.

With SketchUp Pro you would have LayOut. With that you can create whatever documents might be required.

Sure. You can add dimensions in either SU itself or Layout (which is designed for the job).

Sure. Use Top View and Parallel projection to get a normal 2D plan view.

I presume you mean standard 2D elevations and plans? Sure. See above.