Using 2 Screens

Hi there,

I was wondering if someone might be able to help.

We would like to start using 2 screens.

We would like one screen to display a 3D model and the other screen to have the same 3D model but the one we would make changes to.

Those change would then appear on the other screen.

Essentially to avoid zooming in and out as much to see how specific changes look.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



You could have your entire model saved as a component, then update your changes on the other screen. This is akin to using XRefs.
Let’s call the 2 models ‘Edit’(Monitor 1) and ‘Updated’ (Monitor 2)

  1. Save your entire ‘Edit’ as a component. Select everything, right click, and make it a component.
  2. Select your newly created component, right-click, and “Save As” - and file appropriately
  3. In a new SketchUp window (on monitor 2) - Import > SketchUp model > Select the ‘Edit’ component. You could also just do a copy paste of the 'Edit" into ‘Updated’ - it will come in as a component.
  4. Make a change to there original ‘Edit’ on monitor 1- and save it
  5. In ‘Updated’ - select your imported ‘Edit’ component - right click - click Reload
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Why not use two apps?
One screen SketchUp with the Model.
The other with LayOut and a Viewport that references that model.
Create a shortcut for updating the reference.
It’s not realtime though…

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Hi Kyle & Mike,

Thanks very much for your suggestions.

One of our architects has tried and taken a short loom video taking into account your suggestions.

I was just wondering if there was a way to do this in real time so it auto updates.

The only reason why I’d like this to happen is because I want to make some really funky videos for social media of how we design houses. On the example above we need to save each change and it will take a long time for more complex projects.

If the model could auto update it would be the dream.

Just wondering if that was possible? So without saving it after each change.

Thanks again for your advice.


Hey Adara,
There is no auto-updating. This is typical with other CAD software as well.
Xrefs in AutoCAD, linked models with Worksharing in Revit - all need to be saved and reloaded.

One thing you may want to check out is Enscape or V-ray.
This would work by changing your SketchUp model - which is live synced to Enscape or V-Ray rendering window…
This is not 2 models - but rather one model and a rendering window.
So you are making changes - and the other screen will show those changes auto-updating, but rendered. Check out the video below…