User Prompted Dialogs

I currently have a pair of extensions I have submitted and posted which take user input through the VCB (and which remains persistent while the drawing is open). However, I would like to extend to the user the option to open a dialog which displays the primary parameters and allows the user to modify those parameters.

As a question aimed at the more senior extension developers, is there a preferred mechanism (for example a hotkey) that I should implement? My first attempt at this responds to the user hitting the ALT_MODIFIER_KEY when my tool is active.

Thoughts anyone?

You could use the context menu of your tool to open a settings dialog. It could also be located in your extension’s sub menu within the top menu (probably in extensions). If this is a persistent setting between SketchUp sessions, it makes more sense to me to put in in a general settings dialog or the extension than inside an individual tool. I would not use Alt as that is used for sampling and modifying the tool behavior when toggled.


Thanks for the advice :+1:

I added a Settings Dialog via a context menu. This is my first time hooking into getMenu(); I was attempting to implement onRButtonDown()

Much obliged