Use of SketchUp on macbook air

Hi guys
I started using SketchUp a few weeks ago on my MacBook air 2017.
In the beginning, everything went smoothly because the projects were small, but as I began filling my models more details and items from the 3D warehouse, things became slower and SketchUp gets stuck every once in a while.
So I wanted to know if there a maximum number of Faces fora model for MacBook Air? what is the max size of an item I can download from the warehouse without it slowing my performance?

Technical Specifications of the MacBook Air:

Thanks for the help!

There is no hard number. Performance depends in complicated ways on the model contents and the specific operations you perform. Also it is subjective what is too slow. Certainly a model with millions of edges and faces will bring your Mac to a crawl (it will kill even a more powerful model). I’d think you should be comfortable with a few hundred thousand, but as I said, it depends on the details.