Use of opacity to allow people to "look around" in your models

Hey Folks, I’m working on a robot. I guess a lot of people are working on robots, but I wanted mine to very specifically be a robot that really could be created. There’s a spool media 3D printer where the media has about 65% of the tensile strength of aluminum. That would make creating this robot completely feasible. Anyway, my design team keeps asking me to add arms so I did that. I’ve found one can add zones of partial transparency to some of the surfaces of the various parts so people can “look around” inside the robot. (Another interesting thing is that some transparency of parts helps a lot as one tries to position the parts of the robot for the various poses). This model is showing left shoulder movement potentials, keeping the shoulder at full abduction. I’ll get adduction in there in awhile. Anyway, look around. I would suggest, download the model, it will be easier to see the shoulders. pg
Hmmmm I thought I could include the drawing, but its too big. I sent it to the 3D Warehouse, I think this is the link some selected Left Shoulder motions
Maybe it’ll let me send a 2D export from Sketchup

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