Use objects to erase other objects

I´m working on a Mac with SketchUp Pro.

I want to draw a Cone, shape as a Christmas tree.
In the Cone I want to erase two millimeters spaces, to millimeters deep towards the middle of the Cone. simply cut these spaces around the Cone, four times along the height of the Cone.

Easiest way I can think of is to draw a half crosssection of the cone with the indents in the right place and use Follow-me with a circle to create your tree…

This sounds like you are thinking about taking small pieces out as solids

Fortunately if you brain is thinking in that way, then there is a tool called solid tools

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Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SketchUp (SU) file for ideas.

Cone with circumferential notches.skp (272.9 KB)

Be aware that SU may have problems with very small edges. However, your 2 mm shall not cause problems.

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