Usage of 3D-Warehouse Buildings

Hello Folks,
I would like to use several buildings from the 3D-Warehouse on a non commercial and public map expansion for a Videogame called Omsi 2. My problem is that I wont get smarter from the ToU and licens informations.
Do i need a premission from the author of the model to use an publish it in the map?
Do i need to give credits in some point? (I would like too, but i dont know)
Can someone just clarify those points.

Thank you in advance,
Nico :slight_smile:

Ps: Im German so its kinda hard to understand the meaning of the ToU

Hete are some Faqโ€™s:

Maybe this will help you understand better.
You wonโ€™t get any official statement on this forum from Trimble.

Iโ€™d say you are with point 2.

Thank you for the reply. I were able to understand the ToU and EULA now a little bit more. As i understood i am allowed to use them. In order to be fully safe I am going to send an E-Mail to the ToU-Support for a specific clarification.

Greetings Nico.

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