[Urgent] Help to model Pirer Bridge

Dear All

I have one issue with model Pirer bridge in SketchUp.

Please see my drawing for more detail
Pier bridge.dwg (91.0 KB)

Thank all so much.

Can you please attach a SketchUp model and give us some more details on what is going on so we can help you better? Also, please answer the questions below:

Upload an image, perhaps of something you are trying to model or a screen shot of your model if you do not want to share your .skp file. This is better posting practice than just asking users to blindly download something from the internet.

Thanks for your help and understanding!

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Dear All

Please help me



As @AlexB mentioned, in order to help you, we need a detailed description of your problem in addition to the model or an image showing the problem as described. Your .dwg file by itself does not really tell us what the problem is or allow us to help.


Dear Gully

CAD File.dwg (161.3 KB)

I was attached file cad dwg

I need model it in SU

And exactly what is preventing you from doing that?


Dear Gully
I’m beginer with SU, so I don’t know to model it from cad file
Please guide me to model it in SU
Thank you so much

As a start, I would arrange the diffent views in the 3D space and use them as a reference for the linework, see this example…

bridge.zip (73.7 KB)

Dear Cotty

I need model bridge support, part concrete curve.

Thank so much

Did you try to continue from my example file? At which point do you come to a halt? As suggested by @Gully_Foyle and @AlexB before, you should describe the problem, otherwise it is hard to help…

HI Cotty

I don’t know how to continue because I’m new with SU. Please create video tutorial for this example
Thank so much

I’m here to help people with their SketchUp problems, but I’m not able to do your work. You should try to continue from my example and learn the basics of SketchUp. You can come here and ask every time you get stuck, but you can not only ask for a nice video tutorial, maybe the final model and perhaps a photorealistic rendered version…