Upper level attributes, can they be made to stick to lower level components on explode?

Is there any way to embed attributes set by an upper-level component within lower-level components when the upper-level component is exploded?

I’ve tried a few options, but the lower-level component responds with a red error (can’t find value)!

Generally used other way with parent saved and the children deleted or exploded as swap with saved definition will return DC functions with current values if required to edit.

The broken formula value is frozen, however this effects any other dependent formula in that it is frozen too.

So would need a ruby solution, maybe customized. Need example and workflow to see an alternative

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Thanks Phil, I was just looking to see if there was a way to set all common values to components to reduce the risk of someone mucking stuff up!

I think we need to just stick with; modify the first panel and then copy along!