Upper Assembly Banding End

After trying different things to model the steam bent upper assembly banding, this is the farthest I could get. I move/copied the circles (upper, lower, inner, and outer) from the upper band assembly and made an overlapping part in front to model the end. It is a solid entity. I then move/copied it, made that copy unique and modeled the end (where the grommets connect the banding together). It has short edges and is not solid. It does look like it is supposed to look. It was difficult because all the faces are angled, because it is a coopered item, but, managed. I’m looking for a better way to do it and end up with a solid entity.
Firkin (2).skp (109.2 KB)

You’ve made progress, but you need to pay more attention to some details. You have to create groups/components for every element, to stop leaving raw geometry.
To have solid groups, you must group the raw geometry.

As for upper banding

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Look closely at the band. There are some reversed faces below the narrow part. There are actually two faces at each of those locations. Select one of them and press Delete. Then reverse the remaining face.

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