Uploading an STL

Hello all, new to the forum, but have been using sketchup pretty simply for about 2 years now. I recently had a 3d scan done of the inside of an amazon delivery van and I have had the file reduced to 476 MB. After importing the file the program would slow to the point that it is unusable. I tried everything I could to clean up the file in the app but to no success. I also tried using Transmutr and Undet, but niether would allow me to upload. Wondering what I can possibly do to make this usable. Thanks y’all.

Computer specs:
Intel core i7
Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050
16gb RAM

What exactly didn’t work here? Where to upload?

Another one in thsi direction would be Skimp - mind.sight.studios

Hey Cotty, Undet needs a different type of file than an stl. and Transmutr said wrong allocation whenever I tried to upload a file. I got the file reduced to the smallest file possible and it is only 92010 KB which is allowing the program to operate a little smoother, but not to where I want it to be. Do you think that my computer could be the problem? Every other function including another window with sketchup works with no lag with the file open and lagging.

I used skimp and it simplified the file, but its still super laggy. I can move around with about 3-10 seconds delay. any other tips?