Upload style to sketchup free?

Howdy all, another quick question.

Having issues with make 17, so while I had it working I downloaded my most commonly used styles so that I could at least get some of the functionality out of sketchup free… But, I can’t figure out how to upload them or use them in sketchup free.

Any advice?

Much appreciated… thanking ye kindly…

It would probably be more useful to work out whats hapoening with Make 2017.
If you would explain your problem it might solve both issues.

Currently that’s not an option with SketchUp Free.

Box has got the best advice.

With make 17 I keep running in to an issue where the program freezes on opening as soon as I attempt to do something. It then tells me I have an error 2, and tells me its a display driver issue, to do with NVidia. The problem there is all my drivers are completely up to date.

A reinstall of make 17 doesn’t fix anything, nor does reinstalling all my display drivers. But If I reset the whole machine, I can reinstall and it works, but give it a week or two and the same problem comes back.

So at the moment, to use sketchup, I am having to reset the machine every few weeks… obviously not ideal.

So I thought I would give free a try, but its limited functionality with styles is making it tricky for my uses.

Any thoughts on 17? Thanks for the replies…

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