"Upgrading" to Sketchup 2019


Help. I just bought SketchupPro on Jan 9th for over $700 and now we received an offer to “Upgrade” to 2019 annual subscription for $299 in less than one month. I’m expecting either an extra license, a two year license subscription or a refund. When should I expect either??


I think you’ve misunderstood the e-mail. You bought a license for SU2018 Pro but now SU2019 is out. You can install SU2019 and then in a day or so you’ll get the new Classic license info in an e-mail or you can go to the SketchUp website enter your existing SU2018 license info and get the license info for 2019. There is no additional charge at this point. Shortly before your 12 months is up you should get an e-mail encouraging you to renew your Classic license. At this writing, the renewal would be $120 and you would be entitled to update to the next version as you are entitled to SU2019 now.

Also note that each version of SketchUp installs as a separate program. Installing SU2019 does not overwrite or otherwise replace SU2018


Yes, there is no additional charge to “upgrade” to the 2019 ($299 / year cost) after I paid over $700 less than a month ago for the 2018. It seems that I would have thrown my money in a hole.
It would also seem that refunding me so that I can purchase 2 licenses or offering one free year for the second 2019 license would be a reasonable request.


You still don’t seem to be understanding this.

There is no additional charge at this time for you to upgrade to SketchUp 2019. If you want to convert your license from the Classic license you have now to the Professional license you should contact Sales through the SketchUp website. I expect they’d work with you. And in a year, when the Professional licenses expire you will pay $299/ each to keep SketchUp running. Or, you can stick with the current classic license and if you choose to renew at the end of the 12 month period pay $120. Or you could choose to not renew and just continue on with SketchUp 2019. The Classic license is perpetual for the version you purchased it for.

Perhaps since I’m not making it clear, you should just contact Sales directly and let the representative talk you through it.



I agree. It’s a money issue.
if you could send me a phone number to contact Sales directly, I would be very appreciative.
The lack of a way to actually contact someone by phone directly is whole other issue.




I’m not a SketchUp employee and I don’t have a phone number to provide. You would need to contact them through the Contact page and get a ticket started. I’m sure they are quite busy but they’ll help you as soon as they can.


Did they change the seat/license policy? Really hoping it’s a floating license now - one open at a time vs a max machine install limit. Pro user here with 3 PC’s- home, work and laptop…it’s frustrating.




2.3. Device Limitations.

Except as otherwise stated below, so long as you have fully paid the applicable license fee, you may install the Software on up to two computers and/or devices at a time. You may transfer the Software from one computer or device to another computer or device if the Software is completely removed and de-installed from the prior computer or device; provided however, the ability to transfer the current version of the Software will terminate if you upgrade to a new version of the Software under an active Support and Maintenance subscription. For enterprise licenses, you may copy and install on your computers or devices for use only by your employees the number of copies of the Software for which you have paid the applicable license fee.

What a disappointment.


It looks as if this paragraph was written in the good old days, when you could buy a CD with the program files on it…

There is a legal workaround, I guess, in the first part of the EULA they talk about individual and entities

This Software End User License Agreement (" Agreement “) is between Trimble Inc., located at 935 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA, or the affiliate identified on the Order Form, and its affiliates (” Trimble “) and the customer (individual or entity) that has downloaded or otherwise procured the licensed Software (as defined below) for use as an end user (” you “). This Agreement covers any Software and supporting user or technical documentation provided with the Software (” Documentation ").

The (individual or entity) part is interesting, since I have created multiple Google (and Trimble) accounts in the past.
You could say I am more then one entity…(Father, Employee, business owner, chairman of the local Hockeyclub, etc)

This part only talks about 'One User Account 'per user, thus making it possible to create multiple Trimble IDs per entity:

2.4. User Accounts.

_ 2.4.1. Account Creation._

In order to use the Software, you may need to create a valid user account (“User Account”). Currently, you can create a User Account by signing in with a valid Google ID (a username/password combination used to access your Google account) or Trimble ID (a username/password combination issued by Trimble). To sign in using a Google ID, you must authorize Google to share account information with Trimble and you must maintain your Google ID in good standing subject to any separate user terms between you and Google. The authentication information Google provides to Trimble or you provide to Trimble may contain personally identifiable information, which will be handled by Trimble as described below, and we may publicly display the username and profile photo (if any) associated with your Trimble or Google user account. You may not create more than one User Account per individual user.

So here is the workaround for SketchUp 2019:

  • Install SketchUp Pro on any device you think you are going to use (Mac, Windows, Laptop of your doughter, Laptop in the shop, desktop in the Reception at work, etc…)
  • If you have subscription, log in at startup on these devices, but, more important, log out when finished!
  • If you cannot log out or forgot and to many devices are ‘tied to your entity’ , go to your Trimble Account on the web and manage your Trimble subscriptions, were you can Deauthorise all machines

Edit: before anyone hops in:

‘With the new version, you can now read between the (dash-dot-dash) lines…:joy:

If I get the 2019 subscription can I use it on my Windows desktop and Mac Book?

@the_library_furniture_guy You bought the classical license that so many people on this forum would want!!
The license you bought is a perpetual with a built-in Maintenance and Upgrade policy for a year.

Because of delay of the 2019 release, you might be lucky to have two major upgrades (If the next version is released before your date of purchase +1.

Effectively meaning,even if you do not purchase additional maintenance, you would still have acces on three Versions of SketchUp (2018,2019 and the next)!
Those versions could last more then 10 years easily (We still have customers that use Version 6)

If you would like to change you’re order in two subscriptions, your access to SketchUp stops next january.

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Anyone help me here… More a W10 issue but Windows support is useless…

I installed SU 2019 Classic

But I am still want to use SU 2018 for production until comfortable with 2019 stability

So W10 defaults all my existing files to 2019

Before it was simply a matter of resetting default file association to SU2018

but #%#$# Windows 10 now only allows me to associate files to APPS [from Windows Store ]

Of course SU 2018 was not bought thru the ^^%^ Windows Store

Please TRIMBLE Produce a LINUX version of SU


Do an install of 2018, choose repair when prompted