Upgrading to 2018Pro from 2015pro. How to migrate?


I’m in the middle of a project and need to know How to migrate extensions, scenes, templates from the earlier version into 2018pro without manually rebuilding everything. Thanks


that would depend where all your extensions are from:

  • Extension Warehouse: log into your account and select install all
  • SketchUcation: use the SketchUcation Plugins Manager
  • others: these you’ll have to install manually

Templates should be self evident and scenes are contained in the templates, aren’t they?


It’s not usually a good idea to change horses in mid stream, in other words not a great time to upgrade when in the middle of a project.
You can install 2018 without removing or effecting 2015. They will run side by side.
So install it when you want and get used to it and that it works with your system before dropping 2015.


first, install side-by-side and don’t activate 2018 before your project is finished.

An ellaborated FAQ concerning migrating from 2016 to 2017 (still applies) can be found at the website of the Dutch distributor.


Yes that all makes sense . Thanks


Yes I agree. I just wanted to be able to use the live sync with lumion. I think I’ve got everything transfered so hopefully it will work out. If problems I can go back to 2015. Thanks for the advice


Thanks for the advice