Upgraded to Windows 7, no version of Sketchup will work now

Tried many versions of Sketchup, all results the same. Installs okay, starts okay, select default template and program starts. That’s all that works. The Instructor dialog window is bland, nothing will respond to mouse clicks, have to close. Was working fine in XP. Tried 2015, 2014 and 2008. VERY frustrated!

Probably you should try updating your display driver. Go to the website of the card chipset maker (usually Nvidia or AMD), download and install the latest. If your driver was auto-installed by the Windows setup, that will probably not work.

Have you installed all the Windows 7 service packs?


Scott: What is the SKU version of windows 7 are you running. I assume it is the 64 bit version. See this MS link to make sure your system has the correct drivers for that Windows help & learning