Upgraded to pro 2019 [Work space fails to show]

Installed the pro 2019
Based on mail the 7th of February where my humble person was entitled to a FREE license upgrade. Just follow the steps outlined below to access the brand new features of SketchUp Pro 2019.

Authenticated with classic (perpetual license information).

And then all the fun suddenly was removed, can’t do anything with the ■■■■ software.

When starting the software, the work space doesn’t show up.
Removing, re-installing, re-booting, nothing seems to work, new version of sketchup not compatible with surface pro machine ?
Version sketchup pro 2018 still works on the same machine.
Can select a file and it is indicated open, nothing shows, attached screenshot same with or without loaded file.
While opening the file the usual warning, for constraints of saving to new version of sketchup.
If the page is printed to pdf, then this looks ok attached output test.pdf

However in current form and shape the pro 2019 is useless.
Running windows pro 1809 os build 177163.316 on surface pro

test.pdf (102.6 KB)

Has anyone else encountered similar, if so how was this problem solved ?


There have been many threads about the incompatibility of the Surface with Intel Graphic Cards.
The version with Nvidia graphics is recommended.
Intel cards are specifically mentioned in the hardware requirements as not being recommended.

Go to Window/Preferences/OpenGl and untick Use Fast Feedback.

Box’s answer will fix the problem. As an aside, it’s a shame the 2018 setting for OpenGL can’t be carried across, and most users who turned off that feature long ago will have forgotten about doing so.

It’s also worth not removing 2018, at least until you’re sure that 2019 is working, especially with the various extensions you use.

Thanks for clear cut advice, works like a charm