Upgraded from free to Pro, system still indicates Free. How do I force it to change to Pro?


I signed up for the Free trial and quickly decided to upgrade to Pro, within 30 minutes. My account was validated, account status indicates I have paid for the subscription, but I keep launching into the Free version. I’ve rebooted my Windows 10 computer without any change.

Next step?


Are you talking about the desktop version?
You probably just need to go to the Help menu and sign out, then sign back in.

What Box said. Also, make sure it’s your Comcast email that you’re using to sign in.

The system doesn’t notify the user, but one of the menu choices has an option to assign the license to a user. The default is unassigned and therefore it is unusable until you assign it. All is good now that I have assigned it to myself.

Thanks everyone.

Actually, the default is set to ‘Automatically Assign’ when buying, sometimes, this box get unchecked.

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