Upgrade orientation of geometry nodes


Currently, the geometric nodes offer an orientation according to a list of 3 planes or X, Y or Z axis direction
It would save time and precision if we could have another mode of parameters, indicating a normal to the construction plane.

Take the case of the Circle node:
If I want to construct an arc of a circle between 2 points A, B with center O,
and A, B and O belonging to any plane different from the proposed planes.
I must calculate each time:

  • The transformation of the plan
  • The angle between the X axis and the normalized vector OA and OB to get the start and end angle values.

If to build the arc, we could fill in as for an arc of a circle from the Sketchup API that would be useful.

  • Center,
  • Plane normal,
  • X axis of the plane (example vector OB),
  • Radius,
  • Start angle (0),
  • Angel end (BOA).

The normal could be easily obtained from a surface
There would be no more cases, calculate the angle of the arc of a circle

On your side, you would propose an optimized code and without risk of error.

And if you want to go even further an arc with the parameters:

  1. Start point
  2. End point
  3. Then an option for the choice of the third point:
    Center of the circle,
    Sagitta + plane normal,
    Passes through point C

The orientation according to a normal would make it possible to pose any geometry without resorting to calculations of transformation.

What do you say?