Upgrade 2018 pro to 2019 pro

I want to use sketchup 2019 pro. I am currently a 2018 licensed user. v2019 will not allow my 2018 serial number and authorization code. How can I use the new 2019 version??

if you have active maintenance in place, go to the licence manager on SketchUp website and request a new licence

Did or do you have a maintenance plan?
If you bought version 2018 after february 2018, you should have received the activation info for version 2019.
If not, check this:


I let the maintenance plan expire in dec 2017. So even though I paid for Sketchup Pro I am not allowed to use the latest versions unless I pay more $ for a maintenance plan?

Correct. By allowing your Maintenance and Support to expire, you gave up the option to upgrade to SketchUp 2019. The upgrade is part of what you pay for with your annual Maintenance and Support fee. You can reinstate your maintenance and Support on the SketchUp site and get the license for SU2019. They will be able to tell you the upgrade cost.

To clarify a point that might have confused the OP: every version of SketchUp has different license codes. You cannot use a 2018 license in 2019. That is not how the upgrade during maintenance works. Rather, you are issued a new license number for the upgraded version.

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Mark DeMille 2018 Basecamp Attendee

I’m using SU2019 at the moment. I’m having a hard time getting to the 3 D warehouse. I go to File, click on 3 D warehouse. All I get is Share Models, there is no Get Models.
Do I need to reach for something else to download models?
Thanks for any advise, MCD

You aren’t supposed to find a Get Models option in File>3D Warehouse. If you want to access the 3D Warehouse for downloads to your computer, do so through the Window menu, not the File menu.

Thank you DaveR. This is new in 2019?

Thanks for your help, MCD

Thanks Dave

Yes it IS new for v2019.0.

The File > 3D Warehouse > Get Models… menu item was still present in v2018.

(@jody, And it’s removal does not appear on the release notes.)

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@DanRathbun, it was removed in v17 …


Different for Mac.

On my MS Windows editions it is still there on versions 2016, 2017 and 2018.