Updating SUPro file whilst in Layout

Does anyone know why when you make an alteration to a sketchup file with several scenes and save the file, it doesn’t update the Layout file? I’m having to add scenes to a set I’m drawing for a work project because Layout is only showing alternate angles on a few drawings but not all. Never had this problem in 16 years of using it but if I copy and paste an elevation and click “Top Relative” as I’ve done since forever, it goes blank. So I’m creating a new scene in SU Pro for the top of the wall, save it, close down the file, go back to Layout but the new scene is not an option. I think it works if you close everything down and open it up again which I’m hoping is the case. Ally this to the fact that there is the scaling glitch in Layout (Mac) where you have to click 1:10 if you want it to be actually 1:20 plus the further glitch where every time I move an elevation in Layout or make a copy, it changes to 1:20.6 and this is taking me far, far longer than it should do and we are right under the cosh. Not impressed. The whole hoo-ha over going to subscription was that Trimble would be able to bring out more updates and options! They can’t even get the scaling right and I’ve been told to wait for an email or keep checking in. Truly not good enough - you decide the tariff, I pay that price and expect it to work properly. I have a construction team sitting waiting for drawings and it’s costing us. This doesn’t feel very professional (or am I missing the point & it’s for hobbyists only?) but I can no longer recommend this software. Great shame.

My guess is user error, But I know nothing of the Mac issues you mention, I couldn’t quite follow your description but it’s probably something as simple as updating the scene , saving the file then updating the reference.
But without seeing the layout file it is nothing but guessing.

User error?? I’ve been doing elevations, plans and sections on this for years - never had this problem. Just tried it again - copy; paste; top relative - and it disappears. Go to 1:200 and there it is; off the page, slowly bring it up to 1:20 (or click around 1:10, then 1:50, back to 1:10 and sometimes it resorts to 1:20. Don’t click the 1:20 option because it takes it to either 1:20.69 or 1:50 or 1:100. In the meantime, the original elevation has blown itself up to 1:29 for some reason but yeah, must be user error despite scenes being updated; saved; closed and opened again.

I give up, you try to help, you try to be delicate, but all you should say is …

The Layout bug you described is still there, there hasn’t been an update issued since you last asked.

If you didn’t know, your subscription means you can use any subscription version of SketchUp, so if you do run until any bugs such as this that are new, there is the option to open the file in another version of SketchUp/Layout. You can actually have multiple versions installed and running at the same time if needs be.