Updating one scene updates all others

Updating one scene updates all of them. I save a scene before I leave it for another and find that the other is exactly like the one I just changed and updated.
Scene 1, called “overall”, is an assembled hope chest. Scene 2, called “dimensions” is an exploded view with dimensions. After exploding, entering all of the dims and updating, I went back to the “Overall” scene and it was exploded with dimensions.

Thanks for your help!
Hope Chest.skp (364.2 KB)

It appears you have a fundamental misunderstanding of scenes and the objects they show. You need to make a copy of the chest off to one side and then use it to create the exploded view.

Like this:

You could also use layers/tags and keep copies of the objects basically in the same location but I find it easier to manage two separate copies of the model.

Here’s your model set up that way.
Hope Chest.skp (346.4 KB)

Scenes do not per-se present different placement of components. So, when you exploded the chest by moving the parts, that affects all scenes. You need to make copies of objects at their new locations and use tags to control which placement shows in each view. Likewise, if you want dimensions to show in only one view, you need to assign a tag to them that is visible only in that scene.