Updating a color within a model

I am working on a model with a lot of groups and components.
I am experimenting with a blue color.
When changing the color I have to open each group and component and manually
change it to the new shade of blue.
Is there a simple way to update my blue color and change it where where ever appears in my model, with one or two clicks?

How about just editing the original blue color in the Materials window?

I did, but I still have to go in to every component and group and change it to my new blue.
And there is probably close to 50

ahhhh!! Super simple, figured it out. Thanks DaveR!

If you’re editing the existing color, it’ll change in every place it’s used.


This has just changed my whole life! I always thought the way to edit a color was to click on the plus sign icon in the materials window. I cant believe that edit tab has been there for the last four years an I never thought to click on it.

It’s been there a whole lot longer than that but you can pretend it showed up today if you want. :smiley:

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