Updated something and it messed stuff up…

I got an email today saying there was an update to the newest beta version on TestFlight. I went to update it but there was new update. I deleted the app and reinstalled, but all of my work that was saved ‘on my iPad’ was gone. Is there a way to get it back somehow?

No, unfortunately. Local saves are deleted with the application.

I know it’s no consolation now, but you do not have to delete the old app to get the new one. New versions will overwrite the older ones, and test flight will overwrite the app store version and vice versa.

Can you do me a favor and check something? I got an email yesterday regarding the new beta update using test flight to version 6.5.2 [2071] that when I went into test flight was not there to actually update from 6.5.0 to the new beta.


They usually show up at least a day later for me. I get the email and then I wait a few days before I can get the newest update to beta. I will admit that I usually live in the AppStore version though, unless there’s a sparkly feature I really really want to try.

The TestFlight available to me right as of now is 6.5.0 ?

Yes, that’s the one I have too. I received the same email but there’s no new 6.5.2 app.

Yeah, I’m seeing the same thing.

Me too, several days after the email. Still showing v6.5.1 on TestFlight on iPad.

Hi all. Quick note to help clarify that the TestFlight notification regarding 6.5.2 (2071) was inadvertently triggered on our end. An actual 6.5.2 will be forthcoming via TestFlight soon. Apologies for the confusion… but, stay tuned.


Thanks, Mike.

That explains why 6.5.2 isn’t showing up yet, days after the announcement.

Hi everyone, here’s an update on this topic. You should see a new email and notification in TestFlight soon indicating 6.5.2 (2077) is ready for testing. That notification is true and the TestFlight build should be following thereafter if it isn’t already available. Sorry again for the earlier confusion, but we hope to hear all your feedback on this latest LABS build. You can find the details around that build in the TestFlight notes.