Updated from 2014 to 2015


Just updated from 2014 to 2015 (Viewer + Make) and I can tell you that it is a disappointing journey …


  1. SketchUp Viewer does not update its registry information and that’s way the “Open With” feature of Windows File Explorer can’t work
  2. Why exist there no category in this community for that or equals mobile == viewer?
  3. Listing items here does not work as WYSIWYG Editor (when cursor is on a List item then I expect that ENTER/RETURN key makes a new list item - that’s the way all others do it …)
  4. This “Create a new Topic” Editor is ridiculous since more than 50% of the page is wasted for useless information and it is not possible to scroll up this
  5. Still missing a mobile viewer for Windows Phone

Five minutes after installing 2015 I knew that it was waste of time for me …

Don’t get me wrong, I love SketchUp, but the installers sucks and there is room for improvements for this community page “Create a new Topic” …

Don’t forget that it took me some time/effort wringing these lines …

Greetings from Austria and welcome in 2015!


What’s the relationship between the update and these problems exactly?

Thank you.


Just read my post above…