Upcoming Change to Add Location



I’m really disappoint to have to read off this. Getting dinged an extra $200 US to acquire Placemaker is a bitter pill. Any progress on functionality of this feature. It’s the kind of thing I have to use rarely but when I need it it’s really helpful.


Unfortunately Digital Globe has a pretty substantial price for their high res imagery. It doesn’t come for free.

Maybe you can find a local source for suitable imagery but you would want to check their terms of service to make sure you can use the imagery in your projects.


It seem the 3D data for geo above 60 degrees North is back now - satellite imagery is still bad, but it’s easy enough to replace the texture with an imported google maps one. Very good news for us that the data is back at least - just weird I found out alone, and not getting any info through mail as I’ve sent in reports about this several times :slight_smile:


It may be that Digital Globe never communicated the change to anyone at SketchUp.

Make sure are aware of Google’s Terms of Service. They have restrictions on the use of their imagery in the way you are using it.


I understand that for Google imagery other uses than looking at them on your screen in Google Earth or Google Maps is forbidden.


Hi, I am an architect and have used sketchup pro a few years. occasionally, I have used the import image form earth feature, that I now find is no longer a feature. Great idea… I have looked at a long list of posts that seem to be mostly concerned w/ the location feature (which I still have w/ 17), and I agree lousy resolution, but for simple context studies works fine. I am looking for an easy way to “paint” the block site building models w/ pics. importing site generated photos or snips from google maps seems rather archaic. any suggestions?


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