Upcoming Change to Add Location



Constructive criticism is constructive. Yours is not constructive.

Your post sounds like you know what they should be doing.


Me and a million others.


Yep. Lots of people think they know what Trimble should do but none of them have any idea of how to accomplish it. Suggest solutions.


When my new car doesn’t start, I don’t tell the mechanic how to fix it. I tell him it isn’t starting.


and if the mechanic can’t fix it…it’s time for a new mechanic.


or a different car.


Feel free to switch to a better alternative if you know of one.
My use of SketchUp is luckily not dependent on the satellite imagery. For our part of the world, the Google images were already for the most part half-unusable, and the Digital Globe images are almost totally useless, with no 3D terrain available.
The existence of a good global solution would be welcome. I live in one of the Nordic countries where the local geographic survey data, both the digital terrain and the imagery, is freely available, but I don’t know of anyone to have taken it and packaged it for easy use of 3D modellers.


This is a licensing issue. If you find another service that lets you do the same thing as SketchUp used to do it’s probably because it’s not following the license set up by the data providers.

If the municipal you live in decide to lower the speed limits to 40 km/h, you can’t blame your mechanic or your car manufacturer that you can’t drive faster than that.


I’m in, I would like to try it.


I would love to Beta test this but cant seem to Private message you unfortunately

Kind regards,



Hi , Have you heard anything back from him regarding the Beta?




No Raymond I have not.


Have you tried Placemaker?


DaveR why are you sticking up for
trimble,This person is making a legitimate point !


I just want the same quality as previous not really interested in long excuses


In his last post, Dave is in fact referring to a non-Trimble product.

If you read the whole of this bloated thread, you would see that the “previous” quality is not available, even for money. It would involve Trimble re-gathering and licensing all the imagery for the whole globe and re-building the service for themselves. Probably that would cost so much that the price of SU Pro would acquire a new zero at the end.


Hi all !
Just reviewing the option of signing up for Placemaker (which we use anyway) with their new option of using NearMap for HiRes imagery for “credits” to pay for NearMap services in the US. If you’d like to look into this then feel free to search NearMap and see all the negative comments about them (NearMap) now charging for their service in AU and the high price they ask.
Very interesting . . .
Could Trimble make such a deal with NearMap like Placemaker and ArcGIS, etc. have?
Just saying . . . !


I would like to be a beta tester too. My project, which has taken over a year now, is re-entering the phase where I have to put it into its chosen location. I had done this with the old version when Google was still supplying data. Frankly, even with Google it was unacceptably blury close-up, but it’s even worse now with Digital Globe.
But I’d like to try this on my model.
I have an iMac with 4 GHz Intel Core i7, 32 GB 1867 MHz DDR3
and the latest SU 2018.
How can I download this extension and install it? I have installed other extensions.


First, I apologize for now restating what earlier posts have offered but the best way is to first go to www.suplacemaker.com, learn more and review the pricing and the “NearMap” addition to the v2 Placemaker version. We haven’t upgraded yet so can’t speak for or against it - other than it sounds like it will solve the low resolution problem if NearMap covers the area you are viewing - see go.nearmap.com for that question.


Would also love to try this, email is emerkel@antaresgroupinc.com. Thx!