Up/Downloads apparently for converting 2018 files to 2017


I’m hoping that someone from Trimble sees this and passes it on to the 3D Warehouse team.

I’d like to know how often the 3D Warehouse is used as follows:

  • Model Uploaded as 2018 file
  • Same model downloaded in 2017 version within an hour by same IP address

Bonus information: % of these models that are Private vs Public

Just trying to get a handle on how widespread is the need to do this conversion.


So someone uploads a 2018 model and wants to share with someone using an older version? For that, they could just do a Save As if they wanted to, right?


I think @sjdorst is referencing people who download the 2018 Pro trial, make models for a month (or however long the trial is) and then come on here as they have a bunch of models they have made they can no longer access with Make 2017.


Ah… I see, thanks for the context. I’m not sure we’ve looked at those numbers, and if we have, I’m not sure that’s within the realm of sharing, and of the companies I’ve worked at, we’re pretty good sharers. So you’re asking if a lot of people upload 18 to download 17 (so only one and in a short time later), we’d have to get the right analytics and even then if there were 2 downloads instead of 1, would that invalidate it? Lots to think about in that scenario, and it’s usually not as simple as you’d hope.


@liamk887 is correct in describing the context. What I’m interested in is some measure of how people are using the 3D warehouse to “rescue” 2018 format files that were “orphaned” with the expiration of the 2018 Pro trial period.

That’s why I specified that the 2017 download should come from the same IP address as the 2018 upload within 1 hour of the initial upload.

If there are more than 1 downloads, I think it should still register a “hit” as long as one of the downloads fits the “same IP address, within an hour” criteria.

And I frankly don’t care if I never know the answer! As long as Trimble gets an indication of the need for a suggestion I made earlier:
Change Pro behavior once trial period ends

I made no assumption that gathering this data would be simple, although I do hope the 3D Warehouse logs are complete enough that it can be extracted from existing data.


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