Unwanted Graphics in Layout

Got unwanted graphis appearing in layout in hybrid mode. See attached

But does not appear in raster mode but raster mode is no good to me for quality reasons.

I think that this might have been fixed in newer versions of LayOut. If I remember right the workaround would be to only use views directly linked to scenes in the SketchUp model with no camera changes applied in LayOut.

Thanks Anssi for quick response. I thought I had the latest version. I bought Sketchup Pro last July with maintenance.
Do I have to pay to get newer version.

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The latest version is 2021.1. If your subscription is up to date you shouldn’t have to pay to upgrade.

Is your drawing in SketchUp only 2D?

Thanks DaveR
Do I just upgrade in Sketchup and layout automatically updates.
Drawing is from 3D model in Sketchup.

KInd Regards


SketchUp and LayOut download and install together so if you install SU2021 you get LO2021, too.