Unknown Geometry at Origin


Every time I switch my sketchup to new unit template, there seems to be a triangle at the origin generated by sketchup itself. Has anyone solved this issue?

Also, once I use the tape measure and try to draw a guideline and then click somewhere to exit the command. The tape measure doesnt give the guideline the second time I try. I have to switch from tape to pen tool and then back to tape which enables the guidelines again.


Attaching your model will aid in the evaluation of the issue you are experiencing. Please upload it and you will be more likely to obtain an effective response.

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Regarding the first, I suspect you have saved the triangle in the template you are using. SketchUp does not draw such a thing on its own, so the only other possibility would be some extension that draws it while loading.

I don’t quite follow the second…though clicking doesn’t exit the tape measure, it either completes the current guide or starts another.


another recent investigation showed files containing a triangle at origin also contained a lot of Vray date saved in the model definitions…

it was thought the triangle may also be added by Vray as an origin marker…

do you use Vray?



Hey John
Yes, I do use Vray.

slbaumgartner- I have not overwritten any templates.


I do use Vray a lot. but i’ve never come across this issue.


@josephkim626 here’s the link I’m referring to

it’s not a conclusive outcome, just that some Vray uses see it when importing some models…


@ashleymathews2003, few days ago we received a similar issue for another customer, who found that, when the usb registration key for VRay was removed, upon reload, the triangle was gone.