Units selection is triggering a bug with manual line length

There appears to be a bug involving setting manual line length that is triggered by using (or changing) units. I usually work in architectural fractional, but I recently created a new model and changed the units to Engineering with a precision of 0.0001. However, when I use this model I am unable to correctly draw lines of a specific length using the manual method.

For example, if I draw a line of 1" length, it actually draws a line of length 0.083333" inches.

Note that when I first created the model, it worked and I could draw lines of a specific length. So, it appears to be some kind of internal corruption that is causing the bug. I tried copying the objects in the model to a new model, but the same problem occurs.

Note that if I change the units in the model from Engineering to Architectural, then all the objects in the model scale up. So, for example, objects that 5" high in the Engineering model, become 60" high when units are changed to Architectural. Is it supposed to do this?

Note that 1"/12 = 0.083333" so there seems to be some factor of 12 bug in the model somehow that I can’t get rid of and it does not help to copy the objects in the model to a fresh model. I do not want to have to re-draw all the objects in my model. What can I do?

Please don’t give useless, generic answers like “purge the model” or things like that. This is a serious bug and requires some kind of significant action or workaround.

The units in the Engineering format are in feet, not inches.
Screenshot - 8_26_2022 , 12_08_12 PM

No bug in the software. Use Decimal inches instead of Engineering.

Nothing should scale, but the tape measure will start to show the new units. Going from inches to feet would change 1 to be 0.083333. Changing from feet to inches would change 5 to be 60.

The symptoms would make sense if you think you see " when it’s really showing ', and vice versa.