Uninstalling the DPLineStyler Plugin

This either didn’t install correctly or isn’t compatible with Sketchup 8. Anyway, it’s giving an error when I start the application. Sketup 8 doesn’t have an extension manager that I can see and the extension isn’t listed in the list of plugins in Window - Preferences so I can’t uninstall it.


In File Explorer look for Program Files (x86)>Google>Google SketchUp>8>Plugins. It should be installed there if it was installed correctly. Look to see if there’s both a .rb file as well as a folder for the extension and delete both.

Going forward you should check out extensions before you install them. The page for DP Line Styler shows compatibility with SU2016 and later.

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Yes, just noticed that compatibility version list after installing it. Is there a line styler compatible with v8?

Not that I’m aware of. What is it you actually want to do?

There is a dp_line_styler folder aswell as a dp_line_styler.rb file.

So delete both of them as I wrote.

I just want to draw some dotted construction lines, but I guess I can use the tape measure tool to create guides. However it would be nice to be able to change their colour or style. It’s not a big deal because I can add them to an exported JPG image in PSP.

Select an edge, right click on it, choose Divide, and divide it into a desired number of segments. Erase or hide every other short segment to leave a dashed line appearance. You can then apply a color if you adjust the Edge color in the style to By Material. It would be a good idea to group the edge segments so you don’t inadvertantly merge them with other geometry.

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Ok, thanks. I’ll try that. I deleted the .rb file and folder and Sketchup is no longer giving an error on startup.

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Sketchup 8 is over 10 years old, it was the last version released by google if my memory doesn’t fail, a lot plug-ins have been released since then and most of the ones that were released with skp 8 have already been updated by the developers, on official extension stores like the extension warehouse or the sketchucation store is going to be difficult to find compatible plug-ins for they version, maybe you could find making a deep search on google. I would recommend you to get a newer version like the 2017, that was the last version that had a free desktop software, it’s not available on the sketchup website anymore but a lot of people are still using it, if you ask someone on the forum could give you the installer or look for it on the World Wide Web, you’ll have a lot more compatible extensions with that version.

Unless @Eugbug is using a 32-bit version of Windows 10. The last SketchUp available for 32-bit operating systems was 2016, newer versions are 64-bit only.

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