Uninstalling LayOut and Style Builder 2016

A few months ago, I installed SketchUp 2016, which includes LayOut 2016 and Style Builder 2016. Since LayOut and Style Builder 2016 have expired, I wanted to uninstall them, but these programs are not listed in the Control Panel’s Programs list. The only one listed is SketchUp 2016, and I do not want to uninstall that one. I have the Windows 7 64 bit operating system. I know I can just simply delete the icons, but when I try to delete them, a message pops up and says deleting the icons will not uninstall the programs. So, how do I go about uninstalling them?


It is just a warning by Windows. You can ignore the warning and delete the icons, but you may need administrative rights because the icons are in the “Public Desktop” and the shared startmenu. Ie:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\SketchUp 2016

There can also be other locations that you might have manually copied the icons to, like the taskbar.
You can do a search of your system for specific named .lnk files, such as:
Style Builder 2016.lnk” and “LayOut 2016.lnk

But again, this only deletes the shortcut files (that tell Windows how to display the icons.) This does not actually uninstall these applications. If you click the “Send to LayOut” button in SketchUp and LayOut is not there to start (even if it will only display an expired dialog,) this could crash SketchUp.
So I would recommend just leaving them installed in their sub-folders, and deleting the icons. (These sub-folders are only using a bit over 100MB.) There exist the possibility that some of the library files in these sub-folders are used by the main SketchUp engine. (In one build SketchUp was using the “ThumbsUp.dll” library in the “LayOut” sub-folder. This has been changed in the most recent builds, but it serves as an example that manually deleting things can cause issues.)