Uninstall bimobject

I installed bimobject. But it make my sketchup make 2016 have error.
Now i want to Uninstall bimobject, i have no idea how… i uninstall my sketchup and re-install it, the bimobject still here… my platform is MAC, is there any way to remove bimobject?

Have you considered to uninstall it in Extension Manager (where you possibly installed it)?

  • If you installed an extension from Extension Warehouse (or manually from an .rbz archive), uninstall it in Window → Extension Manager.

  • If the extension had a separate installer (.exe or .dmg), run that again to uninstall it (I’m not sure if that would be the way on macOS).

What is the error you are getting? (Including error messages makes troubleshooting a lot easier.)