Unfuse two different components, and minimize from happening in the future?

I noticed a face was missing on the brown object, after I rotated it from the down position (link), to the 45 degree angle position (link).

I tried to move the yellow square piece away, and noticed the terrible disfigurement (link),

What would be the most efficient way to overcome this problem, and to prevent it from happening in the future?

Holding the shift key while moving the object may have solved this.

.skp file: disfigurement 01.skp (415.5 KB)

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Select left to right and move the piece back into place, then while selected make it a group or component, then select the rest of the geometry and make that a group or component. Repair the missing face by drawing one edge and delete the extra edges in the other group.
Now you have geometry that doesn’t stick together.
This done in 2018 pro, but there is nothing I have done here that can’t be done in the web version, the tools will look a little different.



See this 6-minute tutorial.

SketchUp Training Series: Components

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Thank you for the responses.

@Box, you were able to click on the brown piece once, to select all the sides/faces, for the group. May you please tell me how that was done?

@Geo, it seems the video is saying I should create a group, to prevent the unwanted “fusion” disfigurement.

My main concern, is that in order to make a bore/hole for to represent a bolt, I have to explode the group first. Then to make recreate the group, I’d have to temporarily relocate the brown piece of wood. Is there a way to store the ‘data’ of a group, so I can easily re-create it at a later time? i.e. without having to relocate other ‘unwanted’ group objects.

Future finders of this thread, may find the following video helpful

There’s no need to explode.
Simply right click on it and edit the Group or Component.

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It was actually a triple-click :slight_smile:


Yes, if you watch my gif carefully you will see the first click selects the face then the two following clicks select the rest. A triple click selects all connected raw geometry.

Did you take note of the Left to Right selection, this only selects things entirely within the selection box, if it had been Right to Left it would have selected everything it touched, therefore selecting part of the brown section.