"""""Unexpected File Format"

Hello, Looking for help recovering this file. Getting the “unexpected file format” error. I see that @colin is the superhero for these issues. Hope you can help me!

Thanks in advance!

It’s a 2021 file, and my usual way to try to fix it doesn’t work.

I did forward the file to a developer, who is checking to see what went wrong. It may not be until Monday before I hear how that went.

Thank you Colin.

The developer was able to recover the file, but had to delete one component that was corrupted.

Are there any extensions you use to make the model? If so, what actions might you have done before the file would no longer open?

Here’s the recovered file:

Wooohoooo!!! Thank you so much!
I have the sketch this extension and tile look. These are the only ones I have.

Oh my goodness… you are saving me from big trouble. I have about 100 hours in this model :flushed:

Thanks again!