Unexpected file format weeks work gone HELP please


I worked on this huge neighborhood file for weeks and this morning and I got message unable to save, so I restarted PC and afterward this file become unexpected file format, the same goes for autosave file and the .skb file which I renamed to .skp.

I’m using sketchup 2018 pro so I downloaded 2019 trail but still not able to open them.

I can still see preview from folder exploer…

Can someone help to recover any one of the 3 files? I attached also wetransfer link:

Download link

If they are gone I lost weeks of work also I did based on this model a lot things in Lumion, I will not be able to update my renders and film without this model even I build new one I can never find the same view again, so desperate.

I was using Lumion skp plug-in LiveSync not sure if that is the cause for unable to save.


I tested the files on my system, I’m sorry to report all three of these files failed to either open or be imported into Sketchup for me too. They either return the dialogue box “Unexpected file format” as you saw or crash SU without bugsplat instantly. It would appear that something is corrupted in the original file. It’s too big to upload to the warehouse to see if that could read the file, and it fails to open in Sketchup Desktop Viewer as well which is not a surprise but I thought I would try. I also tried to import the file into Fusion360, but the import failed and Fusion returns the error “file does not exist”. You have Pro so it’s worth contacting support to try their help, good luck.

Looks like they are all foobar.
Don’t you have your computer set up to make automatic backups of all of your important files ?
If so, look through the backups and find the most recent one that’s not been corrupted…

what does Lumion say about their extension breaking your model…

can they rebuild it from the Lumion file?


Thank you for your time and effort try to recover my file, I thought this is where I can get sketchup team support, now I see I can submit a form through contact technical support but the question will be forward to some reseller, anyway I will give a try.

Files are saved in office server, because the file size is big I regulary deleted the old ones, I felt safe because there is alaways one autosave and one skb available and who knows all 3 are broken all together.

In fact this model still exist in Lumion library folder but become files with unknown extentsion.

Download link
I did some search but didn’t find way to transfer them back to sketchup.
I will try to contact Lumion see if there is a way.
I’m not sure if it is because of LiveSync but I do have experienced multiple times it crashed skechup without bugsplat.

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