Unexpected file format - thumbnail shows model but no file

fin .skp (13.7 MB)
Can you help me recover my file? I worked on the file last night and now it’s saying “unexpected error occurred.” I am using this forum for the first time. My submission is due tomorrow. sketchup thumbnail shows my model but there is no file.
the file was saved in external hard drive because i was working on both pc and laptop please help me fix this

@colin Colin … can you please check this file

Unfortunately, I couldn’t recover anything from your file.

To prevent this in the future, save your files local and copy them to your external hard drive later.
Please update your forum profile with the correct info. your says SketchUp Make and SketchUp Pro wich is confusing. Correct info helps getting you the right answers quicker.

Thanks for helping … I did it again.

By the way, what version of SketchUp are you really using? There is no SketchUp 2020 Make as you indicate in your profile.

The file was made in 2020.0. There were five updates to 2020 after that, which wouldn’t have helped with the file problem, but might have had some useful fixes in them.

So, looks like it’s a 2020 Pro Classic license.