Unexpected file format need help asap


so on Friday (09/08/2019) I saved a copy of my model onto a pen drive hoping to work from home over the weekend. using the laptop i got the message ‘unexpected file format’.

now im back in work, i expected it to be an issue with the laptop, but i now cannot open my file on my work computer.

any help would be much appreciated.

I suspect the file extension was not written to the file name, edit the file name to include .SKP at the end.

Did this solve the problem?

both files have .skp at the end, ive tried using thr .skb file and renaming it to .skp but still no luck.


Did you save the original on your computer at work?

Yes, the original was on my computer, roughly worked on it for 5 days straight with regular saving.

I then saved onto a pen drive and its left me where i am now :frowning:

Can you open the original that you saved on your work computer?

How deep is the file name path? I often have problems accessing files when the file name and path becomes too long, Windows only supports a certain number of characters. Try copying the file to the Desktop and rename it “test.skp” (without the inverted comma’s) and see if that opens it. If you can’t copy, shorten the name / file path on the USB drive. I have also had problems with Windows when a space has been inserted at the en of a folder name, I have yet to figure out to resolve that problem apart from copying the contents of the folder to another correctly named folder.

The original document brings up the same error message.

I’ve also tried re-saving to desktop but no luck either.

So that kind of implies that saving it to the USB stick is a red herring. If you can upload the SKP file here or, if too large, to DropBox and share the link, someone could take a look at it and see if it can be recovered.


I appreciate your help!

please let know either way


any luck?

I haven’t had any but hopefully someone from the SketchUp team might come along and have a look.

Unfortunately I too get the “unexpected file format” error.

is there any way of speeding that process up? anyone on here that works for sketchup?

i find it ridiculous that we pay for a programme and then its near impossible to actually get someone on the phone that knows what they are talking about and who can help. I tried 7 numbers this morning, each one passing the book and giving me another number. no-one wants to help (apart from you guys, and i thank you for that).

This forum is mostly “staffed” by volunteers like Julian and me. The SketchUp team members sometimes look in when they aren’t tied up doing their real jobs. You should file a ticket with tech support through the official channels here: Contact Us | SketchUp Help