Unexpected file format issue

hi guys, I’m working on a sketchup project that I’ve started a while back and recently got a error message when opening “file not found or invalid” (OS X) or “unexpected file format” (Windows) after transferring from my MacBook. ive opened on both operating systems with my primary computer (Mac Pro) which is dualbooted with windows and Mac. I’ve I would transfer the project to my MacBook almost all the time to work when I’m not at home. The funny thing is that it won’t open on my primary computer but it opens fine on my MacBook on its Mac partition. I don’t have any backups before the error unfortunately, I’ve looked in forums and tried renaming the file extensions and nothing seems to work. if anyone knows a fix id be gladly appreciated.

Are both machines’s drives formatted the same?
How do you transfer, with icloud?

i would transfer the file with a usb thumb drive formatted as fat32. i mostly use windows on my primary computer which its formatted as NTFS while on the other hand, my macbook, it has a HFS format so in short terms no.