Unexpected File Format ... HELP!

Guys please help me on recovering my work this is due today :frowning:

So the situation is this…
I was finishing my work on SU then before rendering it on Twilight i SAVED it before i render it.
So while rendering, the PC shuts down for no reason ! Then when i tried opening the file the message " Unsuspected file format" pops up.



Ouch. That’s a bummer. I’m not sure my suggestion will work, but if you cannot recover your work from the previous skb file (which should be your first option) you may try to perform a system restore if you have a Windows based OS.

As a matter of habit, you may want to start periodically saving your files with updated version numbers so that if this kind of thing ever happens in the future, you can regenerate your work without much loss.

Good luck with this,

if you’ve tried to open the file #skb its backup file extension, if not please try it, and if not it could be forced to import again.
hope it is useful